sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2011

Mr. Stone douchebag

Zi: But before I had heart. I gave my heart away, but he don't came back, so now I have a stone to replece the heart.

Dreamer: I can get you a new one .

Zi: But now i have the stone.

Dreamer: I can break it.

Zi: It's the Mr. Stone douchebag.

Dreamer: And so what ?

Zi: It's unbreakeble, and inreplaceble , the Mr. Stone Douchebag don't do anything like the heart has done.

Dreamer: I'm pretty sure i can break it and replace it
I will break it so hard that you will never remember it again

Zi: But Mr. Stone Douchebag is my friend I can't give away.

i can't give away, my heart let me down and the stone will never leave me! like my heart have done.

Dreamer: If i gave you my heart it won't let you down.

Zi: I don't trust in heart.

Dreamer: And if i give you my stone ?
will you trust me ?

Zi: That is the problem of a stone, they have no love to give.

Dreamer: With two stones you can get fire , and i think that's what we need, simple.

Zi: But fire, is not love u see?

Dreamer: With that fire you can burn away all the bad feeligns the past has left on you and then you can have love again .

Zi: But my past is not bad, is because that i miss , and my heart don't came back, because he is stuck in the past!

Dreamer: I will get you a new one that will open to receive the present.

Zi: But i already have said, i don't trust in hearts.

Dreamer: So what can i do ? tell me !

Zi: Be my friend, and never let me down, because i need you to survive!

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